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The Loan Process

At Makai Mortgage, loans are our passion and it’s our goal to make the loan process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We use state-of-the-art systems to get you pre-qualified quickly, guaranty the security of your personal information, and to help you save time and money. By following the simple process outlined below, your dream of owning a Hawaii home can become a reality:

Steps to Home Ownership with Makai Mortgage

1.   Application: Complete a residential loan application electronically, over the phone, or in person. If you complete an application online, a loan officer will contact you to review your application for completeness and accuracy.

2.   Initial Documentation: After consulting with you, your loan officer will provide you with a customized list of documentation and a link to upload your documents safely to our secure system.

3.   Loan Pre-qualification: Upon receipt of your documents, a loan officer will guide you on next steps. A loan pre-qualification letter may be issued upon receipt of a completed file.

4.   Loan Estimate – Rate Lock: You will be sent an email with your loan disclosures which will include a Loan Estimate. With your signed e-consent form, you can sign your disclosures electronically. Upon receipt of your notification to proceed, your rate will be locked by lender. 

5.   Loan Preapproval:  As soon as your rate is locked, your loan package will be reviewed by Underwriting. A loan preapproval letter will be issued, along with any conditions for final loan approval.

6.   Final Loan Approval: Docs will be ordered and your Closing Disclosure (CD) will be issued. The fees on the CD can be compared to the fees on your Loan Estimate for accuracy.

7.  Loan Documents: Schedule and sign your loan documents. 

8.   Fund: Upon receipt of signed loan documents, your loan will fund.

9.   Record: When your deed records, you can pick up your keys.

10. Congratulations. You are now a Hawaii Homeowner!