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Mortgage Broker

Makai Mortgage can assist clients in securing a loan, which often results in significant cost savings and faster loan processing times. In addition, our extensive portfolio of financing partners gives you access to a wide variety of loan programs so we can pair you with products specific to your individual needs.


Property Classifications Specific to Hawaii 


Being a Hawaii mortgage banker and a mortgage broker gives Makai Mortgage the distinction of being both a direct lender and a broker to over twenty banks. This means a greater number of available loan options and a greater possibility of making your dream of buying a home in Hawaii a reality.


A CPR (Condo Project Regime) property is another classification that is common in Hawaii. When a homeowner decides to sell the units on their property separately, they begin the CPR process. This process results in the units each having their own address. A CPR property has two or more units and may have common areas much like a condominium. While the property may resemble a condominium, it does not have to be financed like one – which could result in you paying a much higher rate. Be sure to work with a provider who understands these properties and can provide you with a comperhensize overview of available loan options.